All you need to know about Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is an amazing anime adaption. The people have been waiting really long, for the anime series. The Crunchyroll is very much overwhelming anime series, with its graphics and the range of characters that they are been using. If you are already a big fan of anime, trust me, Crunchyroll, won’t let you down. The series is paid. And here is the ultimate guide of the Crunchyroll anime series.


People who watch anime will agree with this statement, “Anime is life”. Even me who is not a big fan of anime or manga, have become a fan after watching a few anime series. The content, storyline, characters, I mean just everything is fantastic. Many anime series are available online and you can choose your favorite genre first. Everyone has different interests and selecting the category in the start will help you to pick the right anime shows.

If you are a fan of suspense action or comedy or romance type of series, you can narrow down the list accordingly and have a look. Crunchy Roll website has a humongous collection of anime series where you can enjoy watching anime for free.

What is Crunchyroll?

Crunchy Roll is an American licensing company founded in May 14th, 2006 by a group of University of California graduates. Tom Pickett is the CEO and Kun Gao is the co-founder of Crunchy Roll. This site is primarily focused on streaming anime online. Along with this, the manga is also available in the site.

What is Crunchyroll

This site is such a great success as more than 1 million paid members to use their service. The Alexa rank is around 557 which is not that easy for a streaming site to acquire. The site offers free and paid service wherein free offers medium clarity videos with advertisements and paid subscriptions will give you HD videos without any ads.

Availability of the Crunchyroll

As said above, crunchy roll offers free and paid versions. You can watch videos without even signing up. Only thing is that the screen is surrounded by ads. They are offering 14 days free trial of premium. Once created, you can cancel this any time before 14 days. In premium, you can watch all anime series in HD quality ad-free.

Usually, it takes a few days for a new episode to available on the website due to location issues. But for premium users, the show will be available in just one hour after it aired on TV. You can access the whole collection of anime and manga that are offered by crunchy roll after you become a premium user. A premium account costs around $6.95 per month and is worth spending your money.

$19.95 for 3 months and $59.95 for 1 year are the other plans available. My advice is, you can pay for one month or even take a trial for 14 days and observe the features provided. If you are satisfied, you can buy a month plan. If you want to save money, you can go for 3 months or an annual plan with which a lot of money is saved compared to paying every month.

The content is, of course, available on the website. But the main difference between free and paid subscription service is the point which I’m going to mention. Pay once and enjoy free streaming across many devices of various platforms. Premium account enables you to watch anime series in Xbox, Chrome cast, Android, Play Station Vita, Play Station 3, Play Station 4, Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire, Windows phone, Apple TV and many more.

Is Crunchyroll free?

As long as you are okay with commercials,  Crunchyroll offers both types of membership paid & free. 

Premium membership benefits of Crunchyroll

Crunchy roll website is updated regularly with new features. Before making it live, a beta version is released. Being a premium account holder, you can access and test the beta version features. Crunchy Roll is not just a streaming website. They have a store in which they sell many items. From HD quality DVD’s of anime to accessories, clothing and much more are available in their store.

Premium account holders will receive free shipping on selected items from the store. It includes games, home foods, DVD and a blue ray of anime series, Manga and art books, figures, clothing and gift cards.

Availability of Crunchyroll shows

As you know, Crunchy roll streams the anime legally. This being said, due to country’s legal restrictions, some anime shows may not be available for few countries. You can access and search the site for your favorite anime show. If it is not displayed then please conclude that the show is not available for your country.

If you have any problems, you can initially find answers in crunchy roll forums and faqs. If they are not helping your issue, contact them via email specifying the issues and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Helpful FAQ:

Due to device capabilities, network issues, compatibility changes, hardware or software issues, a TV show may not play in your device. You may not access your account panel from the site. These types of technical problems can be solved by contacting the support team of the Crunchyroll. But it will take some days for sure as you have to send mail, they have to observe and finally reply, it may or may not work, you wait and get a reply again.

So, the process takes a few days. But for the quick solution, you can check in FAQ’s tab for the information. Just type in the search and you will instantly find related questions where answers are given by support team itself. If they won’t help you, then you contact support team as there is no option left.

Not only regarding technical, FAQ section helps in getting answers to most common problems faced by users. Go into the help section, start typing your problem in the search bar and hopefully you will find answers.


Affiliate program:

Crunchy roll is already an internationally recognized site. You can earn money by joining their affiliate program. If you have a channel with lots of users subscribed to it, have social media pages with most followers then these programs are for you.

Contact them via email and if you are eligible, they will contact you for an affiliate program. They have an official store. Clothes, accessories and much other stuff are available in the store. If people buy the items from your channel, page or blog links, you will get a percentage of money under an affiliate program from Crunchyroll.

All the trendy and hyped Crunchyroll programs

1. Naruto

The Minga series that is so much loved by the teenagers. Naruto is engaging and addictive anime series, manga series rather.

best anime on crunchyroll : Naruto, pointing and laughing

2. Attack on Titan

The Attack on Titan is yet another anime series that will beat your imagination. Do not miss the series, if you love to watch and experience the thrill.

best anime on crunchyroll - Attack on Titan season 2

3. Yuri on Ice

If romance is your genre, Yuri on Ice is probably your must-watch series. The Crunchyroll provides you with the Yuri on Ice series to amaze you with the fantastic range of fantasy world.

best anime on crunchyroll - yuri on ice



Crunchyroll offers a range of East Asian shows that are mainly categorized as anime, drama, and pop.

Originally, Crunchyroll accepted fan-subbed anime from 2006 to 2008. On January 8th, 2009, Crunchyroll no longer accepted fansubs in the favour of licensed subs.


Crunchyroll launched their manga reading service on October 30th, 2013.

The service provides various kinds of manga that are divided into 3 categories; Manga, Artist alley, and ComiPo!.


Crunchyroll’s News feed covers reports and topics regarding anime, manga, and various other entertainment-related news.


Crunchyroll’s forum section is divided into following 5 categories:
General Category – which covers site news, community contests, newsletters, and premium member exclusive topics.
– Discussions Category that covers a range of general, anime, manga and various other hobby related topics.
– Crunchy Connections that covers user discussions, convention, and event discussions, and forum games.
– Creative which covers user-related content sharing.
– Help which covers the maintenance and site-related reports. Users can use this section to report any site related issues they are experiencing.


The store section offers various anime and East Asian related merchandises from figurines and Nendoroids to clothing and books.

Job opportunities

Opportunities are available and interested, talented candidates are always welcome. They have job roles like Marketing, Business development, finance and much more. You can find the job positions based on your location and can apply. If you are eligible and certified enough, you can easily get placed in jobs working for the Crunchyroll.

This is founded in 2006 and improved its position gradually. 1 million paid subscription users, 850+ shows available online and you can give a try for the job without deep thinking about future consequences. Crunchy Roll is expanding and people who get the jobs in this company will also have a bright future.

The language of Crunchyroll shows

Most of the anime series and shows available in the site are in Japanese with English subtitles. My advice is to go for originals rather than dubbed shows. It is true that makers will focus on giving out the best translation and sound effects but in most of the cases, dubbed sounds never beat the original ones.

If you have both original and dubbed versions available for an anime, watch the first episode in both of them. You can continue in any one of them from there on based on your comfort. Some are good in English dubbing too. English dubbed shows are also available in crunchy roll site. You can check them out.

Generally what happens is, you can observe in a famous anime series that every character has got its importance. From voice to gestures and background sounds, all of these make the significant impact on character value. So, it is better to see in the original language itself with English subtitles.


I have already mentioned about the list of devices where crunchy roll can be streamed. Crunchy roll is available for Android and IOS devices too. You can download the app from the play store. User-friendly UI, simple navigation, loads of shows to watch, original manga are some of the features available in the application.

You can download the crunchy roll app from iTunes for IOS devices. Screencast or mirror to compatible devices from the app itself which lets you watch the shows on smart TV. Both Android and IOS devices have this feature.

Be updated

The design of the site is simple and easy to navigate. You will find navigation tabs with links opening the shows, manga, news, and forums. It also consists of sign up and login buttons. The slider of homepage features the latest show releases.

As you scroll down, you can find two tabs i.e latest news and site news. The Facebook share button is available with which articles can be shared on your timeline. Selecting your preferred language, info about popular shows, crunchy roll privacy policy, support links and many others are available and easily identifiable in the website.


If you are a fan of anime, crunchy roll site is your destination. If you are not a fan, spend some of your time watching some of the best anime series in crunchy roll site. You will for sure become a fan of anime. Crunchy roll consists of more than 900 show an original manga. Go premium and enjoy loads of benefits offered by them. For more updates and latest add-ons and features, stay reading us.

9anime app watch latest anime and manga series for free

With the advancement of technology, everyone is busy in productivity and earning. The hectic schedule can make us irritating and sometimes this irritation can lead us to misbehave. For avoiding this irritation there are lots of options for amusement and fun. Some do exercise, some listen to music and lots of people read interesting books. Watching movies is also the best way of recreation. There are tons of movies released all over the world and you can watch them online. Animated movies are quite popular nowadays and people of all age groups love to watch them. Here we will discuss the 9anime to see the animated movies for free.

9 Anime

What is 9anime

Now one question would strike in your mind that what is 9 anime and I am here to answer each of your questions. Before knowing about 9 anime you must know about anime. Anime is the Japanese cartoon videos and famous all around the world. Youngsters and kids are becoming addictive for anime. 9anime is an app which allows you to see numerous types of anime and manga movies. You can also see the best songs for famous anime movies and anime wallpapers and much more. If you love the Japanese characters then it is the must-have app in your android device.

Here is a brief description of videos you can enjoy on 9 anime:

Best anime movies ever


As I am also an anime lover and me always in search of latest and popular Japanese animates series so after downloading 9 anime I felt fully satisfied as it provides the best anime pieces. You can see the anime movies in HD quality and also allows you to share your favorite anime movies.

Amazing anime songs

This app not only permits you to watch best anime movies but also allows you to watch best songs from famous anime movies.

Anime movies wallpapers

9Anime movies wallpapers

If you are an anime lover then you must want to grab the collection of anime wallpapers. 9 anime gives you the huge variety of anime movies wallpapers and you can download them. You can also share them with your friends and save them for setting to your screen.

You don’t need to register yourself to watch anime and manga movies.

How 9anime works?

As I told you above that 9anime is an anime and manga movies service for free. Basically, it is a streaming site which streams videos for your entertainment. It dubbed the videos in the English language because most of the people across the globe understand this language. You need not download any Japanese video as 9 anime has made it so easy to see. Through 9 anime you can watch your favorite series in just one click. In short, you can say it is a private website which offers you all the restricted and allowed series of Japanese movies across the world.

Why is 9anime is so addictive?

People of all age groups love to watch Japanese animated series called anime. 9anime provide you all the manga and anime series in HD graphics so people love to see them on regular basis. When we finish an episode or film of an anime then we search for another and this thing leads us to addiction. Watching anime is becoming the addiction especially for kids. 9anime is considered an addictive app because anime and manga series are full of excitement and people love to watch each and every episode.

How to download 9anime

This question is the hot potato of today that how to download 9anime. For your kind information, I would like to tell you that 9anime has been evaporated from google because of numerous copyright issues. The holders of 9anime can insist on copyright complaints. Initially, you could download it from google but after vanishing from google its really tough to find it to download.

Actually, 9anime’s owners are continuously changing their websites. But for your ease they regular tweet on twitter and give the information about latest updates. If you want to download 9anime then you must check their tweeter account regularly and here you can find the real way to download the 9anime. If you will find an official website to download 9anime then you should follow these simple steps:

  • Initially, you have to visit the official website
  • After finding 9anime, click the download button
  • After downloading you have to install it
  • After installation just clear some formalities and finally 9 anime is ready to entertain you.

You can download videos from 9Anime without the use of any downloader. here is the video regarding this.

Is 9anime illegal?

In this technology era, everything is accessible with just a single click but the biggest query is that is everything is legal to watch online or illegal? When the things come in terms of watching anime on than my answer is that it is quite illegal. There are tons of salutations which are done by fans and publish on 9anime without any authorization. Many series which are dubbed in English are picked from the websites which have the original license for them.

The main source of this kind of sites is ads. They run ads through videos and earn from them. Mainly all the websites of comic and manga series are illegal including 9anime. Rest depends on the law and regulations of your country. If your country supports the torrent websites then it is legal. In short, 9anime is not the licensed sight so it is totally illegal to watch anime through this site.

Well..if you want to watch the latest Japanese animated series the 9anime is the best app for you and provide you all this for free. It is good to entertain us but we must follow the rules and regulations of our country. We should not watch anything which is restricted in our country. Rest on you how you care the law of your nation. Still, any question regarding 9 anime then comment below and also share your experience if you have ever watched animated series on 9anime or on other anime sites.